Real Estate

MinnStar Bank understands that the real estate market is ever-evolving. We take the time to sit down with clients and determine which loan best fits their needs. We offer excellent Real Estate Loan programs for your home, business and agriculture needs.

Home Equity Loans

At MinnStar Bank, we offer options that allow you to safely use the equity from your home. We can walk you through the process of understanding home equity, determining your needs, the types of home equity financing available, getting organized and applying for a Home Equity Loan. For more information contact:

Karen Ahrenstorff, Lake Crystal
NMLS ID# 785657

David Thompson, Mankato
NMLS ID# 802940

Commercial Real Estate Loans

MinnStar Bank offers excellent Commercial Real Estate Loan programs to assist business owners with purchases, updates, improvements or expansions. Our business real estate loans are competitive and are set up with terms to meet the needs of the customer. For more information contact:

Scott Nelsen, Mankato

David Thompson, Mankato

Mark Monson, Mankato

Tom Evensvold, Lake Crystal

Ag Real Estate Loans

MinnStar Bank offers excellent Ag Real Estate Loan programs to assist farm operators and others with purchases of tillable farm land, assist farm families with purchasing farm sites or making improvements to family homes or other farm buildings. MinnStar Bank Ag Real Estate Loans offer competitive rates and are set up with terms to meet the needs of the farm customer. For more information contact:

Kent Thiesse, Lake Crystal

Joseph O’Sullivan, Lake Crystal

Tom Evensvold, Lake Crystal

Business Spotlight

Kroubetz Lakeside Campers

Kroubetz Lakeside Campers

Paul Kroubetz started his banking relationship with MinnStar Bank when he started Kroubetz Auto Body in 1975. Kimberly started Lakeside Campers in 1999. They have grown their relationship with MinnStar Bank with various businesses. Learn more


Student Loan Genius

Student Loan Genius

A few weeks paid time off, affordable healthcare and the standard employee benefits package for professionals may seal the deal for future hires but it is becoming more evident that a more innovative approach could be necessary for an age where scaling is a tough challenge for startups. Learn more

Starting Up

Writing a Business Plan

Writing a Business Plan

A written plan for launching and operating your business is essential for success and should be the first step in your new venture. A well-written and prepared business plan should describe the business: its products or services, market, people and financing needs. Learn more


Meet the Banker

Joseph O'Sullivan

Joseph has been with MinnStar Bank for over a year and is responsible for origination and underwriting of agricultural loans.

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