Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts officially opened on March 29, 2017, but MinnStar Bank N.A. worked with Dave Schooff and Oliver Schugel for nearly 18 months prior to make it a reality. “The process from start to finish had multiple steps and many layers. Our ability to work in and around those facets is one of MinnStar Bank’s strengths. It separates us from others,” says Mark Monson, Vice President, MinnStar Bank. “My relationship with Dave goes back a number of years and I think he understood that being a little creative was the key to getting this venture up and off the ground. He and Oliver trusted MinnStar to deliver and we did.”

Being an independent community bank, MinnStar Bank has the ability and awareness to be flexible and accommodating, and working with Dunkin’ Donuts was certainly no different. Being a franchise under a corporate process, along with the additional twist of it being their first store, it presented unique issues that we were able to work with and around. “We spent dozens of hours working with them to get their store up and running. From conversations, analysis, site inspections and paperwork – even down to the taste testing – it turned to be a very rewarding process for MinnStar Bank and Dunkin’ Donuts.”

As a community bank, everyone gets involved in the process and that is something we are very proud of. From the lending staff to the personal bankers to the tellers, it was our goal to help Dunkin’ Donuts feel comfortable and WELCOME.


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