Chad Carlberg transitioned his business banking account to MinnStar four years ago and developed a strong relationship with Mark Monson, Vice President/Senior Commercial Lender and believes it was one of the best decisions the company has made.

MinnStar has provided a hands-on approach in nearly every aspect of the business for PresenceMaker. As a community bank, not only is Mark involved but even the processor and analyst at MinnStar have gotten to know Chad. Everyone at the MinnStar Bank knows Chad and what PresenceMaker is trying to accomplish.

“Mark Monson and MinnStar Bank have gone above and beyond for PresenceMaker over the years. I couldn’t imagine a better business banking experience,” Carlberg said.

Mark continues to foster the success of PresenceMaker and touches base with Chad on a regular basis to catch up and see how business is doing and evaluate how MinnStar can help the business grow. It is customary to touch base with customers annually but that can vary with every customer and business. Mark sometimes sees Chad a couple times a month and is always a phone call or email away if something comes up.

“Maintaining a banking relationship, for the most part, is not a difficult thing” Monson said. “It certainly can be made difficult by the thought you have to follow a hardline process, but what we try to do here at Minnstar is to individualize what we can do specifically for each customer. We do have rules and policies to follow, but we try our best to work them around the needs to each customer that comes in. Pricing, overall cost and timing are clearly big items when it comes to your bank, but so is communication and follow-through. Sitting down with Chad and PresenceMaker we stepped back, took a look and laid out a few scenarios that would work for both of us, but in the same time we clearly showed WHY they would work for both of us. Doing it this way helps foster an educated customer and when you have that, you are already ahead of the game.”

Based in Mankato, Minnesota, PresenceMaker is an integrated branding firm with clients represent a variety of corporations, manufacturers, institutions and organizations and offer over 50 years of experience in the business. They have worked locally, nationally and internationally, coordinating systems of visual communication, designing and producing corporate identification systems, responsive websites, ecommunications, brochures, advertising campaigns, business-to-business communications, business-to-consumer communications, newsletters, exhibits and tradeshow displays, packaging and much more. Learn More


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