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PED Virus Affecting The Swine Industry

Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) is a newer swine disease that first entered the United States in May, 2013, and is now causing major economic loss to some hog producers, as well as impacting several other aspects of the swine industry. PEDV is deadly to baby pigs from birth until about three weeks of age, and infected swine herds can suffer a 75-100 percent loss of baby pigs for a four to five week period. PEDV poses no threat to humans, or has no food safety impact on retail pork supplies. [ read more ... ]


Livestock Industry Under Stress

The corn and soybean meal market prices have responded to the current U.S. drought with dramatic market increases. Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) December corn futures prices rose to over $8.00 per bushel by mid-August, an increase of nearly $3.00 per bushel since mid-June, or about a 60 percent increase in about two months. Similarly, CBOT soybean meal prices have increased by nearly $200.00 per ton in recent months, and are now over $500.00 per ton. Corn and soybean meal are important feed ingredients for all segments of the livestock industry. [ read more ... ]