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July' 2012

2012 Drought Being Compared to 1988

Ask most current farmers over 40 years old in the Upper Midwest about the worst drought that they remember, and 1988 would be a common response. However, that could potentially change after this year, as the drought in many areas of the Midwest in 2012 is setting up to be quite severe. Large portions of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Missouri and other States are indicating potential for major crop losses, while growing areas of Nebraska, Minnesota, and South Dakota are facing serious extended dryness that could lower crop yields.  [ read more ... ]


Head-High Corn By July 4

For generations, the standard measure for corn growth was “knee-high by July 4th, which meant that the corn plant should be able to produce a crop for that year. Of course, most farmers a couple of generations ago had much lower yield goals for their corn than the farmers of today. Today, “waist-shoulder high” corn by July 4th is a more typical, and has resulted in some very good corn yields in most areas in recent years. It is difficult to get exceptional corn yields in the Southern half of Minnesota or in Iowa, if corn is only “knee-high” or smaller on July 4th[ read more ... ]