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June' 2012

Land Values Rise

The rapid rise in farm land values in Minnesota and other areas of the Upper Midwest are discussed quite often by farmers and other rural residents across the region. Many times the extremely high value land sales generate most of the discussion. Of course, there are many other land transactions that take place throughout the year that are recorded at County Offices, but are not usually made public. When looking at trends in land values, it is important to look at all of land sales data. [ read more ... ]


Crop Prices Drop

Corn and soybean prices have been quite erratic this Spring, due to tight supplies of soybeans, increasing supplies of corn, stable demand, and changing weather conditions across the Country. Nearby corn futures prices on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) dropped nearly $1.00 per bushel since early April, while nearby soybean futures prices dropped by over $1.00 per bushel since late April. Local cash prices and new crop prices at are grain elevators and grain processing plants have not dropped as significantly, due to strong basis local levels, which have been maintained by very tight grain supplies and continued strong short-term demand. [ read more ... ]


Crops Progress Rapidly

Overall, crop conditions across most of the Southern two-thirds of Minnesota have improved considerably in the past couple of weeks. In late May, many areas of Southwest, South Central, and Central Minnesota were impacted by excessive rainfall, severe storms, and some crop emergence problems; however, much of the crop has now recovered. There were some locations that had severe storms again in the past week with strong winds, hail, and heavy rainfalls, with portions of Southeastern Minnesota being impacted most significantly. [ read more ... ]


June --- Dairy Month

For decades in Minnesota, June has been known as “Dairy Month”. Following are some interesting facts and figures about the Dairy industry : [ read more ... ]

Farmers Face Replant Decisions

Growing conditions for corn and soybeans are quite variable across Minnesota. In South Central Minnesota most of the corn and soybeans were planted by mid-May and have emerged, with some of the early planted corn being 12-15 inches tall by the beginning of June, but most corn being somewhat smaller. Overall the warmer and wetter conditions that existed in May across the State have been quite favorable for crop development; however, many locations have been impacted by excessive heavy rainfall events and severe storms during the month. [ read more ... ]


Hugoson Wins Siehl Prize

On May 24, Gene Hugoson of Granada, MN was honored as one of three 2012 Laureates for the University of Minnesota Siehl Prize for Excellence in Agriculture, which is one of the most prestigious awards at the University. [ read more ... ]

Excess Rainfall In Some Areas

Some areas of Southern and Central Minnesota received excessive rainfall on May 23and 24, plus additional rainfall on May 26 and 27,  which caused some crop damage due to standing water in fields. Most of the region received 2-3 inches of rain, with several locations receiving 3-5 inches or more of rainfall in a 24-hour period. In addition to the heavy rainfall amounts, some areas also were impacted by hail damage to newly emerged crops, and by strong winds, which caused some property damage. Fortunately most of the property damage was fairly isolated in nature. [ read more ... ]