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January' 2012

Career Opportunities In Agriculture

Recently, an article posted on the Yahoo Education page on created quite a stir in agriculture circles. The article listed the “college majors that are useless”, based on a 2012 study. Interestingly, the article listed “Agriculture” as the number #1 “useless degree” in the U.S.. According to the study, there will be 5 percent less jobs available in “Agriculture” in the 10-year period from 2008-2018, as compared to the previous 10-year period. The article described “Agriculture” coursework as crops, plant diseases, animal husbandry, and basic veterinary science, which appears to be a quite limited perspective of agriculture-related career opportunities. [ read more ... ]

Does It Feel Like The 1970's?

During the past few years, many comparisons have been made with the agricultural economy that existed in the late 1970’s, with record grain prices, high farm profits, and rapid increases in land values. Here are some things to consider : [ read more... ]

Management Strategies For 2012

As we look ahead to 2012, crop revenues are likely to remain strong, though possibly not as high as 2011 revenue levels; however, rising crop input costs and land rental rates could reduce profit potential, and add more risk to 2012 crop production. The profit margins in the livestock sector look improved for 2012, but could also get quite tight if feed costs increase during the next twelve months. The short-term operating credit needs for agriculture are likely to increase in the coming year, given the increases in farm input expenses and land rental rates for 2012. Credit availability for agriculture should remain good for farm businesses that are on a solid financial base; however, credit could get tighter for farm businesses that are in a “higher-risk” financial position. [ read more ... ]