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September' 2011

Ethanol Industry Faces Challenges

What a difference a decade makes ! In 2000, U.S. ethanol production was less than 2 billion gallons per year, with 54 ethanol plants operating in the Country, and many of them being quite small. The estimated ethanol production for 2011 is over 13 billion gallons per year, with over 200 ethanol plants operating in 29 States, with a majority of the ethanol plants in the Midwest. Today, over 85 percent of the motor fuel sold in the U.S. contains some type of ethanol blend, and the use of ethanol has reduced the need for oil imports from OPEC and other nations by about 445 million barrels per year, which saved the U.S. about $34 billion. In 2010, it was estimated that there were over 7 million “flex-fuel” vehicles in use in the U.S., compared to virtually none a decade ago. [ read more ... ]