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Check Grain Bins

Written by: Kent Thiesse

Corn and soybean producers across the Midwest had very good Fall harvest season, with many farm operators completing harvest by early November. Producers need to pay close attention to monitoring grain that is stored in on-farm grain bins for potential storage problems. Much of the corn and soybeans in 2011 were harvested and placed into grain bins at very warm temperatures; however, we have had a wide range of temperatures in the past several weeks, from fairly cold to quite warm. These extreme changes in outside temperature can cause wide temperature variations in grain bins to occur, resulting in moisture migration in the bin, and potential for grain spoilage. Farm operators should run aeration fans periodically to equalize the grain bin temperatures in order to help prevent this situation from occurring. It is very important to check grain bins on a regular basis for any potential storage issues, and to address those issues promptly. Otherwise, there can be considerable damage to grain in storage, resulting in a significant financial loss to the farm operator.